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The All Ego Team

Posted on: October 15, 2009 2:22 pm
The media in this country is so biased, one sided and homer.  All we ever hear about is what they want us to.  They pick some favorites and then glamorize them.  For example, the media elected our last President and now we are stuck with Obama for four years.  We hear everyday about how great he is even when we are slowly being driven into oblivion as a country.  In baseball we get to hear non stop about A-Rod even when not deserved.  In football it is all Brett Favre...please just retire already!  And in basketball it is the almight Kobe and please lets not forget about Tiger!!

In most cases it is not the players is the media or the announcers.  I think A-Rod and Kobe love the attention and go out of their way to attract it.  Favre has brought it on himself with his annual maybe I play/maybe I don't antics.

We could easily build an all time ego team and the media will have played a role in each and every member.  Now maybe that could be a fun post the all time ego team across any and all sports.  Or maybe we call it the all time Douche bag team, with a name like that Urban Meyer has to be the Coach.

Team Members
Kobe Bryant
Brett Favre
Dan Marino
Jim Kelly
Bill Walton
Reggie Jackson
Floyd Mayweather
Michael Irvin
Joe Morgan
Isiah Thomas
Nick Faldo
Tiger Woods
Muhammed Ali

Team Mascot
Bryant Gumbel

Coach K
Urban Meyer
Rich Rodriguez

Team Owners
George Steinbrenner
Jerry Jones

League Commissioner
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